The Travis Brothers

Ray:  Bass Guitar
Rick:  Rhythm/Lead & Acoustic Guitar
David:  Lead Guitar

Ray, Rick, and David Travis started the band Emporium in the early 80’s and have been playing continuously ever since.  It must have been the blue and white Stella guitar that planted the seed way back in the Fifties when their dad brought it home from a pawn shop.  He was a trumpet and French horn player who loved to entertain with his ukulele and the guitar gave him 2 more strings to work with.  It was also around the time The Beatles invaded (along with many more British bands) that the boys started learning chords.  Ray and Rick were soon busy in rock bands during high school.  David who originally wanted to be a  drummer learned enough on guitar to play his 1st paying gig in the 7th grade.

Tracie Esposito
Vocals & Percussion

Tracie was raised in a Chicago Italian family.  At a young age her grandmother sang Frank Sinatra songs to her and her father performed in musical theater.  Her mother’s family goes back to some of the first settlers of the Asheville area explaining her interest in so many genres of music.  Tracie’s real love was the rock and roll girls of the 70’s and 80’s.  The first time Tracie showed off her talent was in a high school talent show.  Singing a Roberta Flack song in a shiny dress won her 1st place.  After playing in many bands, the Travis Brothers found her.  A quick learner, she rehearsed once and performed with them two days later.  After years of performing Tracie is still the front person of Emporium.
Tim Hawkins

grew up on many different military bases around the country.  On one of those bases when he was 10, he got to stay up late and saw Buddy Rich perform on the Tonight Show.  It was then he knew he wanted to be a drummer.  He listened to his parents’ records and discovered disco, rock and roll, country and jazz and even heavy metal later on.  Tim is self-taught and loves to listen and learn.  He conveys his passion for all types of music on drums whether it’s for 5 people or 5000.  Tim has been with the band for many years and is practically an honorary Travis Brother.
Barry Bryson
Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica

was in the audience at one of our performances for a company party at the famous Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in Asheville.  Someone from his company asked if Barry could get up and sing a song or two.  After some crowd-pleasing vocals, we exchanged contact information and Barry has been with us ever since.   A singer, trumpet/French horn player and Dixieland drummer during his school years, he began playing in rock bands in his teens and has continued for 30 years.  If he brought all the instruments he plays, we would need a bigger trailer.

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